Abandoned rabbits looking for forever home

The RSPCA is looking for homes for two abandoned rabbits who have been in the charity’s care for seven months.

Derek and Gregory, two 12-month old siblings, came into the care of RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre near Maidstone in June last year after being abandoned in a plastic box. They were found in a poor state and suffering from ringworm.

After some TLC and rehabilitation, they are both back on their feet and ready to be rehomed. They could live with children and they are both friendly rabbits who love treat time.

Gregory and Derek are looking for separate homes where they can be bonded with a different friendly female rabbit as sadly, they do not get along.

Claire Yorke, animal care assistant at RSPCA Leybourne, said: “These two buns have had a terrible start in life, but despite this they are really friendly and just love their treats. We are rehoming them separately as they had some issues with each other so will be looking for well-mannered female buns to pair up with.

“We’re hoping we can fund some fabulous owners for Derek and Gregory who understand rabbits’ complex needs and can provide them with enough space and enrichment they need in order to keep them happy and healthy. We recommend that rabbits are given a large accommodation measuring at least 3m x 2m which comprises of an exercise area with an integrated shelter, and rabbits should have access to all areas of their housing at all times.”

Rabbits are incredibly sociable animals and need to live in pairs, which is why they are looking to be rehomed with owners who have an existing rabbit.

RSPCA rabbit welfare Dr Jane Tyson said: “Sadly, rabbits are still one of the most misunderstood pets which means we rescue thousands of neglected rabbits each year. Unfortunately, rabbits are often bought as a child’s first pet with the assumption that they are easy to care for, but these pets have very complex needs.

“The images of a lone rabbit in a small hutch at the bottom of the garden should be consigned to the past and hopefully more and more owners are realising this. Rabbits are social animals and need to be kept in pairs, they also need to have a large sized hutch or shelter with an attached run so that they can exercise.”

If you think you can give Derek or Gregory a loving home, contact RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre on 0300 123 0751.