Big dog with huge heart is looking for love

A female Alaskan Malamute dog who is being cared for by the RSPCA is desperately seeking a new owner for Valentine’s Day.

Willow has been in the care of RSPCA Bath Cats and Dogs Home for more than eight months, so the charity is keen for the 10-year old dog to find the loving home she deserves.

Willing arrived in RSPCA care when there were changes in her home environment and she could not cope. She has been waiting to find her perfect match for more than 240 days.

Vanessa Langford, Press Officer at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, said: “Willow is an adorable lass but when it comes to a new relationship, she has quite specific needs. Her new owner must be male, as she prefers being in the company of men rather than women, and ideally have experience of Alaskan Malamute breeds. She would prefer to be the only pet in the household and would like a home without children.

“Willow would make a wonderful companion to the right guy who can give her a fuss and a cuddle as well as giving her that all important ‘me time’. With a little patience and a lot of love, Willow could make the perfect addition to your home.”

The RSPCA hopes cupid will give Willow some luck this Valentine’s Day and she will find a loving new home.

If you think you can give Willow a home, please contact Bath Cats and Dogs Home via email,