Rosewood Pet Products – Smart slow feeder

This new product is perfect for portion control as it memorises the weight of the food. The anti-scoff design slows down the speed of eating and prevents dogs from taking in excess air when they eat, reducing bloating and improving digestion. It couldn’t be easier to use – simply pour the food into the elevated bowl and the scale does the rest! Weighs up to 2000 grams / 4.4 pounds. RRP £30.00

TastyBone – Two bones are better than one

Two bones are better than one, with our full of flavour Twin Pack. Like all of our nylon chews, this TastyBone product has been tested on the most vigorous of chewers.

Made from 100% virgin nylon, it is guaranteed to last. With every bite your dog’s gums and teeth become stronger and healthier, protecting against infections, tooth loss and vet’s fees. This Twin Pack includes lip-smackingly delicious Beef Wellington and Chicken Cordon Bleu flavour bones and is designed for toy and small dogs. RRP: £8.49 –

Fish4Dogs – Mackerel Morsels

Fish4Dogs Mackerel Morsels conditioning treats for dogs are made with fresh mackerel and salmon – they have all the yumminess that discerning dogs expect from fish but with some added extras to support your dog’s health. They contain krill – a superior form of Omega 3, green lipped mussels, a source of glucosamine and chrondroitin that aids cartilage repair, algae – also rich and sustainable form of Omega 3 and spirulina which is rich in antioxident vitamin A and a natural source of iron. Prices from £3.50 (225g).

BT Smart Cam – keep an eye on your pets

BT’s Smart Home Cam presents a stree-free way to kep an eye on your pet and property whilst away from home. With features including HD quality video, night vision, motion detection sensors, two-way audio, alert and snapshots sent directly to a mobile device, the BT Smart home Cam offers pet owners peace of mind.

RRP £59.99 –

PAWDYGUARD Live-in Animal Care

Do you own a number of animals and find it difficult to get away from home? Pawdyguard is the answer. Vets advise that animals are creatures of habit; happiest and healthiest when there are no changes to routine. We
are experienced, qualified, insured and police checked. Most “free” services are not and more geared towards house sitting than knowledgeable Animal Husbandry. Make arrangements for them all with just one call.

Prices as per website –

Rosewood Pet Products – Luxury Leather collar & leads range

Rosewood Pet Products’ Luxury Leather collar and leads range is where quality materials and timeless design combines with a modern twist. Crafted from fine leather and suedette material with robust fittings and embellished with neat details including hand stitching in vibrant colours and decorative buttons and charms, all with quality buckle fastening. The fantastic new range comes for dogs and puppies of all ages, sizes and breeds, with collars ranging from 10-14” to 22-26”.” dog/walk-time/luxury-leather – RRP: £6.99 – £8.50 (Dependent on size)

Fish4Dogs – New fish wrapped banana treats

Fish4Dogs is going bananas for a fruity new addition to its popular range of fish-wrapped treats. Banana Wraps are a new addition to the ‘Wrap’ range – developed after a customer survey chose the fruit as its desired ingredient. Crunchy, gluten-free, grain-free and with has no artificual preservatives or colourings, they are an ideal guilt-free snack for your dog. Each treat contains 62% banana and 38% fish skin – natural, nutritious and low in calories. banana-wraps.aspx – RRP £4.50 (100g bags)

Cattitude Box – Subscription box for cat ladies

If you are crazy about cats, you will love Cattitude Box. This new cute, quirky subscription service lets you pamper your puss while giving you the opportunity to fully embrace your crazy cat lady status. The boxes are full of hand picked cat-themed products, from chew treats and fun toys, to scarves, mugs and purr-fect purses. Boxes cost £27.95 and can be ordered on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. They also make a great gift for a feline loving friend.

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Nina Ottosson – Dog Brick Puzzle

Flip, find and slide! Fight boredom, engage and entertain your dog with the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick, a new versatile dog puzzle game. With three different treat finding features, the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick is made with easy-to-open and close-flip compartments in which to hide treats, and seperate, removable bone puzzle pieces that offer an even more interesting challenge. MSRP:  £20. For more information, visit



Nutraquin+ – aids joints & mobility in 7 days

Maintaining optimum joint health for your pet is important to ensure they lead a happy and healthy life. Nutraquin+ is a fast-acting joint supplement for dogs, cats and horses containing the necesary high strength ingredients that help maintain healthy joint function in cats and dogs, whilst supporting the natural systems that control inflammation. Nutraquin+ contains key ingredients to naturally help rebuild joint cartilage and restore joint health, such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Boswellia Extract.

Prices from £30 for a box of 60 capsules.

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