Could you offer Pocus the Lurcher a loving home this Valentine’s Day

A canine resident at Dogs Trust Leeds is one the lookout for a magical new home in time for Valentine’s Day

Lurcher puppy Pocus, aged only nine months, is seeking that special someone he can put a spell over, and canine carers are hoping he won’t have to wait too long.

Pocus arrived at Dogs Trust Leeds days before Halloween last year, which is what earned him his name. He had been fund straying by local authorities along with another Lurcher, who the team aptly named Hocus.

After arriving at the centre nearly four months ago, Hocus has since found his forever home, however, sadly Pocus is still waiting on his.

Amanda Sands, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Leeds, said: “Valentine’s Day is typically known for thinking about the loved ones in our life, however we hope that potential dog owner will consider sparing a thought for rescue dogs still searching for their loved ones. Rescue dogs like Pocus, who is extremely smart and loves to learn. He is a very adorable young chap too with a bewitching character.

“When Pocus first arrived, he was very scared and wary of others, however our training & behaviour team has been working with him; and he has shown fantastic progress. He is much more confident and after coming out his shell, has become very affectionate; and although he can be wary around other dogs, he is very content going for walks in quiet areas, where he can focus and enjoy exploring,”

Pocus is a typical Lurcher and therefore has some typical traits for his breed. He can be wary around other dogs and quite excited around small, furry animals; and will need to wear a muzzle when out for walks on his lead.

He is quite relaxed putting this on and will even assist by moving his face closer to help attach it, as he knows this usually means it is time for walkies.

Staff at the rehoming centre advise that his idea home environment would include a fully enclosed garden, with no other pets so he can soak up all the attention for himself; with owners who have some previous dog experience. Pocus could also live with young adults over the age of 16.

If you think you can offer Pocus a loving home and think he may be the dog for you, get in touch with the team at Dogs Trust Leeds on 113 5324335 or visit