Dog owners would rather spend time with their dog than their partners

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day to spend with your loved ones, but who’s to say they can’t have four legs, a wet nose and a waggy tail.

New research from online dog sitting and walking platform, Gudog, has revealed that 94% of dog owners in the UK and Ireland would ditch their loved one this Valentine’s Day to spend time with their beloved pooch instead.

Despite a pet not being your traditional Valentine, relaxing on the sofa with a box of chocolates and a doggo on your lap is top of the agenda for dog owners this year, with partners unable to compete with puppy love.

When it comes to the bedroom, partners are at the bottom of the pecking order there too, as the research reveals that 73% of dog owners share their bed with their dog

And it’s not just their partners who dog owners would abandon in favour of their furry companion, as their bed friends don’t make the cut either. When asked if they would rather hang out with their best friend of their dog, 81% of dog owners said they would choose their pup over their pal.

So, what is it about dogs that means we’d sooner chill on the sofa with our beloved pet than spend quality time with our human companions?

It’s no surprise that a staggering 95% of dog owners say that owning their pooch makes them happy. What’s more, 85% of dog owners say having a dog makes them mentally healthier, with many citing their ‘non-judgemental nature’ as part of this.

Commenting of the findings, James McElroy, co-founder of Gudog said: “Dogs really are a special part of the family and our latest research has highlighted just how much we value them. While relationships have their ups and down, our beloved pooches will always be by our side. So, it’s no wonder that dog owners would take this special day to spend time with their pooch instead.

“While people want to spend quality time with their pet sometimes you can’t always include them in your plans. However, dog sitting and walking services are there to offer flexible and trustworthy service, so you can ensure your pup isn’t missing out the puppy love.”

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