Mega report reveals how pets are impacting our lives

Petplan have launched a Pet Census into pet ownership which reveals the ways that pets impact our lives.

The mega report surveyed over 60,000 pet owners across the UK – the biggest survey of its kind to date – and found that pets are more important to us humans than ever before.

It is well known that some pet owners treat their pet as part of their family- with many giving the pet equal footing with the rest of the family.

The survey revealed that 99% of pet owners treated their pet as part of the family with 15% of cat owners saying their pet was the most important thing in their life, compared to 14% of dog owners.

The report reveals that 41% of owners say that their pet are their best friends and 44% even call their pet their “baby”. Astonishingly, 17% of pet owners even admit to cancelling dates to spend time with their pets.

Owners re even adapting their working lives to suit their pets in the same way they would for another member of their family. The report found that 50% of owners claim they had made at least one change to their work routine to suit their pets.

Owners are also willing to take time away from the office to care for their pets – with 26% of owners claiming they had taken time off work because of their pet’s needs and 19% having changed their working hours to accommodate a pet.

Pets are increasingly on an even playing field with other family members, with pet owners celebrating their pets as they would their nearest and dearest. The report found that 43% of owners always buy their pets birthday and Christmas presents.

Many owners now also buy their pets Christmas and birthday presents, with 50% of owners buying regular presents for their pet.

Pets can also be the make-or-break factor when it comes to the way pet owners across the UK holiday – particular where there go. Around 49% of owners have decided where to go on holiday based on their pet.

Half of pet owners – 50% – said that they would even forego luxuries like holidays for their pets. And, 39% of pet owners chose to holiday in the UK because of their pet.

Isabella von Mesterhàzy, Head of Petplan, said: “The Petplan Pet Census shows pets now rank higher in our relationship chain than ever before, coming ahead of friends, family – and even love interests! As well as making life-changing decisions on where we live, work and holiday around our furry friends, UK pet owners are now devoting more time, energy and money on them than their nearest and dearest. Our pets’ unconditional love is proving to be the only companionship we need and they truly are the family we choose.”

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