Natures Menu urges pet owners – no need to stockpile

Natures Menu is joining the many UK businesses asking the public to buy as they usually would and not to stockpile food.

With much focus being on the impact of stockpiling human supplies in supermarkets, it can be easy to forget the 20 million dogs and cats across the country and their owners, who will be concerned about providing for them as we are all urged to stay at home.

Whilst stock levels are currently at a reasonable level at the Norfolk factory, the company is concerned about the growing volume of orders impacting this.

James Langan, Managing Director at Natures Menu said: “We’d like to reassure people that whilst we currently have good stock levels, we are seeing many examples of customers ordering much larger amounts of pet food than normal and this is now starting to impact delivery times.

“We know that this is a worrying time. But we kindly ask people to be considerate and ensure they order the usual amount of food for their pet. We must ensure we can meet all of our customers’ needs moving forward and that nobody, especially our beloved pets, are left without.

“We must stress that we are well prepared and if everyone sticks to their usual orders, there will be plenty of stock to go around.”