Pawfect aims to provide free products to elderly dog owners

In these unprecedented times, Pawfect is keen to do its bit to lift spirits and provide free products to isolated elderly dog owners.

At a time when small sections of society are panic buying and product hoarding, it’s also refreshing to see truly thoughtful examples of social responsibility for some of the most vulnerable people in the current Coronavirus landscape.

Many people are collecting shopping or running errands for their elderly neighbours, prompting high street names to extend their opening hours to create ‘bespoke’ over 70 time frames or food businesses offering up their kitchens to councils who are looking to make meals for the truly disadvantaged.

Pawfect Foods is a small premium-leaning dog treats business that can do very little to ease the growing swirl of anxiety and apprehension.

What they are doing is implementing their own random act of kindness to support vulnerable elderly dog owners whose four-legged companions would benefit from some nutrient rich-longer life treats.

Pawfect Foods have adjusted their back end of their online shop so that every order automatically doubles at no extra cost, in the hope that both loyalists/new recruits can continue to purchase product whilst passing the extra free product to elderly friends and local neighbours whose pets would really benefit from receiving some free dog treats,

Prash Patwardhan, Founder of Pawfect comments: “On one level, I appreciate that this sounds like an odd offer, but as someone who lost his own mother in 2019, I think anything that raises a smile or eases some anxiety is worth considering.

“In addition, we are also looking at how best to get some FREE products to StreetPaws, a fantastic charity that provides free veterinary assistance to the four-legged companions of the homeless.”

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