Abandoned kittens adopted by rescued mother cat

The RSPCA was called to rescue three tiny old kittens near a school in Burnham Market, Norfolk on Monday (May 3rd).

A member of the public had monitored the kittens but after the mother cat showed no signs of returning, they were taken in and warmed up, while she phoned the RSPCA.

Animal Rescuers Paige Burnham arrived to collect the kittens, she said: “It was awful weather, pouring rain on a bank holiday Monday and they were getting hungry and wet with no sign of their mother returning. Fortunately, we were called and I was able to take them home with me for the night where I bottle fed them every two hours.

“It can be very touch and go when they are this small and have been without food for a long time – they were tiny with their umbilical cords still showing. They made it through the night and were little fighters, feeding very well, they need stimulating to go to the toilet at this age, as mum would usually lick them to clear their waste up. I replicated this with warm water and cotton wool – lovely at 3am.”

The following morning Paige was called to rescue a mother cat in Great Yarmouth who was believed to be unowned and living as a stray. She had three-day old kittens.

Paige collected her and took her to a local rehoming centre where she came up with the idea of possibly seeing if this mother could surrogate the three kittens.

Paige said: “She was so sweet, and such an amazing mother, after introducing the new kittens in correctly, she accepted them. They are doing really well, suckling well and she treats them as her own.

“They will do so much better having a mother cat caring for them, washing them, teaching them as they get older and have an additional four siblings. I’m so glad there’s been a happy ending for all these cats and hopefully they can all find loving homes when they are ready.”

The RSPCA is asking the public not to contact the rehoming centre about these kittens as they will not be ready for rehoming for a couple of months.

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