Agria takes a significant step forward for sustainability this Earth Day

As the world comes together this Earth Day to #InvestInOurPlanet, Agria Pet Insurance is celebrating becoming the UK’s first carbon positive pet insurer.

The milestone achievement – which means that Agria is removing more CO2e from the atmosphere than it is putting in – comes a year to the day since it became carbon neutral on Earth Day 2021.

With a third (35%) of Agria’s customers worrying about climate change every single day, the UK’s most trusted pet insurer has committed to ensuring that its carbon positive recognition does not mark the end of the journey. Celebrating the achievement, Agria today launches a brand-new sustainability pledge to provide a legacy of love for pets and their places. The pledge signifies a commitment from Agria across three key areas to:

  • Preserve the environment;
  • Protect pets that need our help;
  • Prevent pet suffering and ill-health.

Agria’s carbon positive status is backed by a Carbon Positive Report providing evidence of the achievement, which sits under the Preserve the environment pillar. Agria’s successes to date in this area include:

  • Launching Go Green paperless drive in May 2020 – saving 2 million sheets of paper and 31 tonnes of CO2e to date, the equivalent of 34 flights from Paris to New York thanks to 81% of customers choosing to Go Green
  • Implementing widespread company initiatives resulting in reduced carbon emissions from 246 tonnes CO2e in 2019 to 117 tonnes in 2021.
  • Supporting projects to provide clean water in Laos
  • Helping to preserve an environmentally critical area of the Amazon

The Protect pets that need help and Prevent pet suffering and ill-health pillars build on Agria’s heritage as a leader in sustainability and will see more achievements from the leading pet insurer over the months and years to come. Under these pillars, Agria has already protected 1.7 million pets in the UK; supported over 500 UK charities with vital fundraising; protected over 100,000 rescue pets in the UK; and donated over £1million to animal charities, amongst other achievements.

Looking ahead to the future, Agria continues to commit to its sustainability vision by:

  • Aiming to remove all but unavoidable emissions over eight years
  • Moving to a sustainable fleet of company cars
  • Continuing to track home office energy as part of overall emissions
  • Running a Sustainable Pet Ownership series to inspire and educate pet owners

Vicki Wentworth, CEO, Agria Pet Insurance says of the achievement: “Officially becoming carbon positive is a truly significant moment for us – as a business, as animal lovers and as pet owners – but, of course, our pledge to the environment doesn’t end here. We will continue innovating to ensure our carbon footprint reduces still further.

“Every one of us, in and around Agria, has been part of this journey in one way, or another.  We are immensely proud to have achieved this momentous step, in such an incredibly short period of time. Together, we will endeavour to provide a legacy of love for our pets and their places.”

To download the Carbon Positive Report, visit: Environment & Sustainability (