Barking Heads launch range of new tasty dog nibbles

Barking Heads introduce their new healthier Tuck Shop Treats.

Available in four fabulous flavours, every Tuck Shop Treat is made with high-quality, natural ingredients. We haven’t added any nasty artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and every doggylicious mouthful is lower in fat and easy to digest (for perfect poops!)

Whine Gums are the delicious, bite-size treat your peckish pups will love! They help support a healthy skin & coat. Our natural, lower fat recipe contains vitamin and mineral-rich apple and dried seaweed, and we’ve added some Spirulina too, as it’s such a super- duper source of essential fatty acids!

Slobstoppers are simply to drool for…and ideal for those times when you need to keep your pup occupied. We’ve packed our long-lasting chews full of tasty chicken (4x higher than the most popular doggy chew sticks), with lots of vitamins and minerals PLUS collagen for maintaining healthy joints.

If you like a guilt-free treat that’s high on taste, you’ll love a Roll’over…and so will your pooch! We know that it can be hard to resist those puppy eyes, so we specifically designed our Roll’overs recipe to be lower in fat. They support a healthy doggy digestion too (for perfect poos).

Here are Dr Scott’s top three things to consider when offering a treat to your furry friend.

– Avoid highly fatty treats! Many owners admit to feeding their dog from the plate, but high fatty human foods can cause gastro-intestinal upsets and genuine discomfort.  Bacon rinds, ham and cheese are all titbits regularly fed to a grateful pooch, but they won’t be so grateful for the vet visit that may ensue after high fat foods pass their lips and into the gut, sometimes leading to vomiting and diarrhoea.

– Count the calories! We all know that tasty treats can add up to weight gain, and this also applies to our canine companions.   Keep an eye on the calorie intake of your dog, and if you are using a lot of treats for training purposes, then maybe reduce the amount of food in their main meals to ensure a trim waistline.

– Check the protein source! The protein source in foods is the main cause for dietary allergic reactions, so it’s best to stick to the same protein that’s in your pet’s regular food.  If your canine has a fairly robust constitution, then you might consider trying different protein-based treats, though do keep an eye on their bowel motions during the experimental phase.

The new treats are available now at and selected Waitrose stores.