Battersea cat finally finds new home after 161 days in cattery

One of Battersea Dogs & Cats home longest feline residents has finally found a new home after they posted a video of her on Facebook.

Ruby, the nine-years-old Tortoiseshell spent 161 days at Battersea’s Old Windsor Cattery in Berkshire, over seven times longer than the average Battersea cat.

Staff at the cattery believe that Ruby may have been overlooked for so long because of her age, so in a bid to prove she still had lots of offer, the team posted a video of Ruby performing her party trick.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, showed Ruby correctly guessing every time which moving toy her treat is hidden under.

The video seemed to do the trick, as it was viewed by almost twenty thousand people and a family from Buckinghamshire contacted the cattery after watching it.

Shortly after becoming a social media star, Ruby was taken to her new home to begin her new adventure.

Carline Shilton, Team Leader at Battersea’s Old Windsor centre, said: “Ruby is such a sweet girl and we’re thrilled that she has finally found a loving home. The average stay for a cat at Battersea is 22 days, making Ruby one of our longest staying cats this year. Like a lot of older cats, we believe Ruby may have initially been overlooked by people wanting to adopt a cat because of her age.

“We’re so happy that her new owners looked beyond her age and saw that this playful cat still has a lot of love to give. We have been told by Ruby’s family that she’s settling in nicely and has become a very chatty cat who never stops purring. We couldn’t have asked for a happier ending for this lovely cat.”

There are many older cats at Battersea, like Ruby that are still waiting to be rehomed, including the lovely Sally who turns 12 next month. As well as, fourteen-year old charmer Harold who is looking for a quiet home to enjoy his golden years and sensitive soul Benny, the black and white ten-year old.

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