Battersea dog undergoes a dramatic transformation

A Battersea Sheepdog has been given a whole new look after a much-needed haircut, leaving him virtually unrecognisable.

Old English Sheepdog, Arlo, came into Battersea when his owners were no longer able to look after him. Arlo’s fur was so long and matted it covered his eyes, meaning he’d regularly walk into walls and doors when he first arrived at the London rehoming centre.

As Arlo’s knots were so bad, Battersea staff had no choice but to clip all of his har off to make him more comfortable. It took three people two hours to clip the two-year old from head to toe, removing 1.8 kilograms of hair while he was under sedation.

Rebecca Lodder, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at Battersea said: “We wouldn’t normally clip a dog with such long hair but as Arlo was in such discomfort, we felt that this was best for his welfare. Dogs with long hair require a lot of grooming and attention. This not only helps to keep them looking smart, but grooming is also vital for their physical health and wellbeing too.

“Arlo’s mats were so severe that they’d pull at his skin, leaving him uncomfortable and anxious when he was being handled. He’s now having lots of positive training to help show him that grooming, and handling can be an enjoyable experience.

“Arlo seems to have grown in confidence since having a haircut, too. He can see properly and is so much more comfortable with handling. He’s had a real ‘glow-up’ and now loves nothing more than running around and playing with his friends.”

Grooming is vital for all dogs, but especially for those with long hair. If a dog’s fur gets too matted for long, it can cause great discomfort and lead to infections in their eyes or ears. Keeping their coat knot-free will also help to keep your dog cooler in hot weather.

Rebecca adds: “Arlo’s coat will eventually grow back, so he is looking for new owners who will help to keep him looking like the suave, well-groomed boy that he has become. Arlo’s new owners will need to show him that it’s fun to be pampered and introduce him to grooming at a pace that suits him.”

If you are interested in rehoming Arlo or need tips on grooming, you can visit

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