Battersea highlights pet’s dental problems on World Oral Health Day

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and Mars Petcare team up to shine the light on pet dental problems on World Oral Health Day (March 20).

In 2017 alone, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home performed dental extraction on over 800 dogs and cats, many of which could have been prevented.

The animal charity and Mars Petcare have teamed up to inform pet owners and offer advice on how they can help to keep their dog or cat in optimum dental health.

Many animals that walk through the doors at Battersea sadly sport far from a set of healthy set of teeth and gums.

For example, an 11-year old Yorkshire Terrier who came into Battersea as a stray in January needed extensive work on her teeth. Angel was in terrible pain, with a sore and infected mouth and Battersea’s expert veterinary team had to remove three of her teeth to make her comfortable.

She has since recovered from here ordeal and even gone on to find a happy new home on Oxford.

Many of the problems could have been prevented, if owners were more aware of how to keep their pet’s teeth and gums healthy.

To help owners, Battersea and Mars have put together some tips to ensure their pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy.

  1. Ensure your vet checks your pet’s teeth regularly. See your vet immediately if your pet is bleeding from the teeth or gums, or seems to be experiencing pain in their mouth.
  2. Ensure your pet is getting a healthy and balanced diet, as this can help prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar on their teeth.
  3. Oral care supplements, like chews, can be part of an effective oral care regime for dogs. Chews and dog toys create less wear on your dog’s teeth – so try and encourage them to chew on these rather than on sticks or other hard objects.
  4. Brush your pet’s teeth if you can – introduce them slowly to the toothbrush and make sure you never use human toothpaste, as fluoride is poisonous to dogs.

Shaun Opperman, Veterinary Director at Battersea, advises: “Regular dental check-ups at your own private vet is the best way to help keep your animal’s teeth healthy. If there are any concerns about a pet’s dental health, always consult your own vet.”