Battersea’s boomerang pair struggling to find a family for the second time

A pair of mature Staffordshire Bull Terriers have been waiting over 100 days to find their perfect home.

The unlucky pair were adopted by their previous owners as young dogs but found themselves back at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Old Windsor centre when their owners circumstances changed.

Nine-year old Roxy and six-year old Conkers first came to Battersea separately but since finding a home together, the duo is inseparable.

However, the pair are now struggling to find the right owners and have now been at the centre for three times the average length of a stay for a Battersea dog.

Sean Welland, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at Battersea Old Windsor, said: “When Roxy and Conkers came to Battersea as much younger dogs, they had no problems finding a new home, but now they’re slightly older, and are looking for a home as a pair, they’re really struggling to find a new family to live with.

“Although they may be slightly more distinguished than before, Roxy and Conkers are still young at heart. They love nothing more than chasing each other around the garden or playing with toys and their favourite people.

“Many people prefer to rehome younger dogs, as they will have them for longer and spend most of their lives with them. But older dogs definitely have their own advantages; this pair have some lovely manners in place already and have years of love to give. They would love for someone to give them a retirement home together.”

As Roxy and Conkers find being in kennels quite stressful, they are currently spending some time in a foster home. Now, they are looking for new owners with experience of bubbly bull breeds.

If you think you could give this duo the perfect retirement home, you can visit