Bella and Duke launch new treats range

Online retailer, Bella and Duke launch tasty new range of meaty snacks to help improve dogs’ overall health and behaviour.

Chicken hearts and rabbit ears with hair are part of a tasty new range of meat snacks for dogs that have been launched by online retailer Bella and Duke.

The raw pet food specialists have revealed 11 premium meaty treats for UK pets to munch on, including duck fillets and beef neck tendons.

Bella and Duke Duck Chewing Sticks

Moving away from artificial, dried snacks to natural, raw treats will improve dogs’ overall health and even their behaviour, according to the experts. Preservatives, fillers and grains are nowhere to be found in these natural products which can be added to any subscription order.

The £9.90 rabbit ears are easy to digest and contain 100% natural cartilage, helping to strengthen dogs’ chewing muscles and clean their teeth naturally, whilst the hair acts as a natural internal cleaner, brushing the intestinal wall as it passes through a dog’s system.

New training treats have also been made available, including a bag of seven raw and additive free duck fillets for £6.30. The shape can easily be broken into smaller pieces or served whole, to practice recall.

Dried chicken hearts are another super healthy and tasty canine snack, containing around 500mg/kg of taurine, whilst 200 mini training bones are available in beef, chicken or duck for £6.30.

The revolutionary range also includes beef neck tendons, containing plenty of collagen proteins to aids smooth skin and coat structure, as well as being an ideal treat for overweight or unfit dogs thanks to their sugar free content.

A spokesperson for Bella and Duke said: “Raw, natural meals are much better for dogs than dried food or kibble and this should extend to snacks too. A few small, dry bones or a handful of biscuits isn’t a treat for your pet – it’s a missed opportunity to improve a dog’s health and behaviour.

“Rabbit ears might turn a few sensitive human stomachs, but dogs absolutely love them because they’re tough enough to give them something to properly sink their teeth into, yet still so easy to digest.

“They’re great for cleaning both dog’s teeth and insides too, whilst the high levels of taurine in chicken hearts will help keep the UK pets fit and healthy. Natural beef neck tendons, meanwhile, are perfect for overnight dogs and could also help enhance the quality and appearance of a dog’s skin and coat.

“Taking some slightly more unusual ingredients and using every part of the animal also helps to reduce food waste, as well as providing tasty nutrition and health benefits for dogs.”

Prices of the new treat range start from £6.30 and are available from