Black cats hoping to find homes before Halloween

The RSPCA is highlighting the plight of black cats with thousands of them coming into its rescue centres every year.

To mark National Black Cat Day today and just days before Halloween, the charity is urging potential adopters not to overlook black cats.

igures from last year show that on average its takes 33 days to rehome a black cat compared to a tabby cat which takes on average of 23 days to rehome. In comparison, the quickest coat colour to land new forever homes were the ginger and tabby cats, who were rehomed in just six days.

Lisa Hens, companion animals’ expert at the RSPCA, said: “Sadly black cats don’t seem to have much luck because we see more of them coming through our doors than any other colour of cat, possibly because they are much more common.

“Ginger and tabbies have the distinctive marking making them look more attractive to some, but we would urge people to look beyond what an animal looks like. Their fur colour makes no difference to how much love they have to give.”

In UK folklore, black cats symbolise good luck but at this time of year many associate black cats with superstitions, others say that black cats aren’t ‘Instagrammable’ and don’t look good in pictures whils

Five-year old Zoltan

t some people prefer coat colours as blue or grey cats.


Lisa added: “All cats are individuals with their own quirks and personality, so I recommend people try to look beyond their colour to find the right match for them. Black cats won’t bring you good luck or bad luck, but they do need forever homes. If you can bring some magic into their lives, they are sure to bring some love into yours.”

Over the last three years, the RSPCA has rehomed 8,605 black and black and white cats. Here are a few of their current residents:

Nala (pictured above) is three years old and is waiting for her new home at RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre. She was taken to the rehoming centre by one of the charity’s inspectors after she was found with a fracture to her pelvis. She has made a good recovery and is a sweet girl who has come out of her shell and enjoys sitting on your lap having a fuss and purring away.

Bagheera and Balou are a mother and son due who have been at the RSPCA Finchley, Golders Green, Hendon & District branch since August. They were both found abandoned in a cat carrier and are inseperable. Mum Bagheera is beautiful, and likes her head stroked gently and loves a little rub of her cheeks. Balou shows a lot of curiosity and has a sweet playful side to him. They have been described by cattery staff as “really big sweethearts”. They would need to be rehomed together.

Zoltan is a five-year old domestic semi-longhair male who is a gentle giant and loves fuss and attention. He is currently being cared for by the staff at RSPCA South Cotswolds Animal Centre. He will head bump you for more fuss although he can be nervous in certain situations. His ideal home would be a quiet place where he can be the centre of attention and the only pet.

For more information on any of the above cats or pets in RSPCA care you can visit