Blinding little chap looking for dazzling new home

Dogs Trust are appealing for a new home for a small dog who suddenly lost his sight.

Dogs Trust Evesham is appealing for a special forever home for Alex, a four-year old Terrier who suddenly lost his sight overnight.

Alex arrived at the centre back in October and was instantly a firm favourite with his canine carers. One morning, staff suddenly noticed that he was walking into things and was sent to the vets so that they could take an urgent look at him.

After being referred to an eye specialist, it was confirmed that Alex had gone blind as a result of dethatched retinas.

Despite this sudden change, staff say he has adapted incredibly well and his ‘guide humans’ in the form of his Canine Carers have been helping him by going above and beyond to make his daily life much more predictable.

Emma Rex, Training and Behaviour Advisor at Dogs Trust Evesham, says: “It was such a huge shock to us to hear that Alex had gone blind. It must have been confusing for him initially, but he has adjusted so well and certainly hasn’t let his blindness hold him back. Knowing he was blind enabled us to make things in his daily life much more predictable so he’s much happier. For example, we’ve applied lavender oil to his harness, so he’s learnt to recognise when it’s near his head – and then he gets to go for a walk.

“We’ve also taught him to lift his paw when there’s. step in front of him so he doesn’t trip over and because he loves to play, we’ve got him some balls with bells inside, so he can her them and knows where they are. These little considerations have made him a happy dog and really helped him to adjust quickly.”

The team are looking for an extra special home with owners who will continue to help him adapt, and hope that his lack of eye sight won’t put off any potential adopters.

Emma continues: “While Alex has quickly learnt to use his other senses, his new owner will need to be patient and be prepared to act as his guide human to help him settle into his new home. He would love a quiet home where there will be minimal changes in the furniture layout and not too many visitors.

“He’d also be really pleased with a secure garden where he can happily play with you and he’d love it if someone was around for most of the day as he doesn’t like to be left alone for too long. He’s got plenty of years left in him yet and so much love to give. He just needs a patient owner who can prove love really is blind and can give him a forever home.”

Dogs Trust Evesham’s Training and Behaviour team will be able to support Alex’s new owner in helping him settle in and can provide lots of tips on caring for a blind dog. If you can give Alex a loving new home, please call Dogs Trust Evesham on 0300 303 0292.