Blue Cross experts help owners though their new pups first year

National pet charity, Blue Cross has produced ‘Puppy Knowhow’, an essential tool for owners or prospective owners of new puppies.

The free subscription service offers in-depth, vet-approved puppy advice and training tips based on the age of the dog up to one-year old.

Advice is emailed directly to the owner every month, to guide owners throughout the first year of their beloved new pal’s journey.

The first year of puppyhood can be challenging, especially for those who have not owned and dog before. Through the new monthly email service, Blue Cross behaviour and veterinary experts will offer advice, training tip and guidance to help the puppy’s growth into adulthood as stress free and fun as possible for both puppy and owner.

A spokesperson for Blue Cross, said: “We know getting a new puppy can something be hard work and we see many being given up for rehoming under a year old. It helps when there is someone there to shine a light on what your new puppy needs depending on their age.

“Blue Cross is proud to offer its wealth of experience in animal welfare to owners and help them through this journey, making sure both puppy and owner have an enjoyable and enriched first year.”

The first year of a puppy’s life is very important in moulding the type of dog they’ll be in adulthood. Learning good, polite behaviours through early positive-reinforcement training, as well as reducing fear of new situations in the first few months can help develop a puppy into a very happy, well-behaved and well-rounded adult.

The subscription works by owners entering the details of their dog via the Blue Cross webpage including the puppy’s age bracket and they then will receive tailored email advice about puppies of that age.

Blue Cross aims to equip owners with information and tips to make sure they have a positive and rewarding relationships with their pups.

For more information on Puppy Knowhow and to sign up for tailored puppy advice you can visit