Bradford man banned from keeping animals indefinitely after leaving cat with broken leg

A Bradford man has been banned from keeping all animals after leaving a black and white cat Misho with an obviously broken femur.

Habib Siddique of Rooley Lane, Bradford, was sentenced for causing unnecessary suffering to Misho on Thursday, 11 November at Bradford Magistrates’ Court.

He was sentenced after being proven guilty in his absence and was presented in court after being arrested on warrant following an RSPCA investigation.

Inspector Emma Ellis, who investigated, first visited the property in Sunbridge Road, Bradford, on 14 February 2020.

She said: “I observed a black and white domestic shorthair male cat called Misho. Misho had a very obvious problem with the hind left leg with the bone sticking out as he walked. He was walking around but each step he took caused the bone to stick out at right angles to his leg.

“I asked Mr Siddique what had happened and he told me that the cat had been dumped on him and his friend around six to seven months ago. He said at that time the cat had a broken leg and a broken jaw.  He said he took the cat to the PDSA and was told the cat needed to be put to sleep. He said he didn’t agree with them so he brought the cat home. He said he put a bandage on the leg and gave the cat “water and love” and it has now healed. He confirmed that he had received no medication from the vet. I advised Mr Siddique that the cat would have suffered at the time if it had broken its leg and jaw. I also explained that I would like the cat to see a vet now to assess his current condition. I then telephoned the vets to see the cat to assess whether he was still suffering and whether the bone had healed.”

Inspector Ellis then took Misho to be assessed by a vet where the vet confirmed that Misho had a broken femur which had not healed and was still causing the cat pain. An X-ray was taken and the vet advised that the leg would need to be amputated.

The court heard how the vet report stated that Misho was in a good body condition, with a left femoral fracture which resulted in an abnormal gait and an obvious lameness. The end of the fracture was also not in correct alignment and there was movement of bones at the fracture site.

The report continued: “It is clear from both examination of the cat and the radiographic examination that Misho has a fractured femur. While I would not expect a lay person to be able to make that diagnosis, it was plainly obvious to any reasonable person he was lame and walking abnormally. The changes seen indicate that this injury has been present for several months, but it is not possible from the x-rays or clinical examination to be more specific as to a time frame for the injury. Leaving this fracture to heal will inevitably lead to prolonged unnecessary suffering and result in a mal union that will inevitably leave the cat with chronic residual pain when weight bearing. I am therefore of the opinion that this cat has suffered considerable unnecessary suffering in the form of pain over several months as a result of the owner’s failure to treat the leg appropriately.”

Siddique was sentenced to a 12 month community order, requiring 275 hours of unpaid work in the community. He was also ordered to pay £215 in costs and a £95 victim surcharge. He was also banned from keeping all animals indefinitely and he cannot appeal this for a period of at least three years.

In mitigation, Siddique said he felt he had looked after Misho and was worried that a vet would have put Misho to sleep. Sadly Misho was put to sleep for severe behavioural issues which meant he would not have been able to be rehomed.

Inspector Ellis said: “This was a sad situation which no one wants to see happen but in this instance we knew it was the right thing for Misho’s welfare.”