Butternut Box launches new purely plant-powered meal for dogs

Butternut Box, the UK’s leading fresh dog food subscription service, has added a completely plant-powered recipe to their range of fresh meals, offering even more choice and variety in our dog’s diets.

The new dish is ideal for switching up their favourite meaty meals – starting the week off with good intentions by incorporating a few meat-free Mondays.

It also offers customers a way to reduce their pups’ environmental pawprint, while still incorporating tasty, plant-powered protein to ensure their dog’s tail is wagging for the rest of the day.

The decision to create a punchy plant-based meal arose from the love Butternut Box customers have for their pups, with 71%* of pet owners saying they want a vegetable-based meal once a week so their dogs can enjoy different textures and flavours – a wonderful way to freshen up mealtimes.

Dr Ciara Clarke, In-House Vet and Research Specialist at Butternut Box, said: “Incorporating a more varied diet into your dog’s meal routine is ideal for picky eaters as you learn to understand their likes and dislikes. Dogs are omnivores and a well-balanced diet is essential for their health and wellbeing.

“Our new plant-based meal is beneficial for dogs with allergies and the plant-based ingredients are also gentle on digestion, making it easier to eat for dogs with digestive issues. Many plants are anti-inflammatory, meaning they help relieve joint pain and arthritis too, showing this meat-free alternative is a great way for our furry companions to try something delicious whilst helping them to be happier and healthier too.”

This plant packed dish offers pooches a deliciously well-balanced meal, making it paw-fect for switching up dogs’ dinner times. Plant Get Enough is full of veg that does good from the inside out, like butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and parsnips – and powered by pea protein to support healthy muscles.

Suitable for pups of all ages, rest assured you’ll find no nasties here as it’s made with only human-quality ingredients, and all the vitamins and minerals your pup needs to thrive.

The new Plant Get Enough dish stands proud alongside the rest of Butternut Box’s tasty range and follows the successful launch of their vegetarian meal, Ready Steady Veggie. An ideal meal for shaking up your pooch’s palate, mix it up with their favourite dishes such as Swish Fish Dish, Wham Bam Lamb, and Pork This Way – happy dances are guaranteed.

Plant Get Enough is now available via the Butternut Box website. For more information please visit: https://butternutbox.com/