Camping with dogs: What and Not to do

As most of us are opting for a UK staycation this summer, Google data reveals that we’re keener than ever to take our canine pals along for the adventure, as searches for dog friendly holidays have increased 190%.

Dogs have provided many with much needed companionship, distraction and fresh air during the pandemic, so it’s only right that they should feature heavily in our holiday plans. But holidaying with a dog can be a totally different ball game.

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager at Nature’s Variety has shared her top tips for camping and hoteling with furry friends this summer.

Take a comfy bed
Ensure you take a comfy bed that your dog is familiar with. Some dogs can get anxious when taken to new places, so having something familiar they can snuggle into can help to alleviate stress. Alternatively, if your dog usually sleeps in a crate at home, make sure you pack it!

Plan your dog’s meals
Prep all of your dog’s food before you set off for your holiday destination – the last thing you need is to run out of food and have to make dietary changes. This can cause digestive upset, making the holiday very unenjoyable for furry friends and for you!

Ensure you use leads at all times
Dogs should be kept on leads at all times on a campsite, no matter how friendly or well-behaved they are. Campsite owners have the right to ask you to leave if you break this rule, so always ensure you have an appropriate lead to tether your dog to prevent them wondering off or encroaching on other people’s pitches.

Take some relaxing bones, chews and stuffed kongs
Even though the camping experience will be relaxing for you, your dog may be unsettled by the sudden change of surroundings. Something tasty and fun to eat can really help them to relax, we recommend some chewy bones, or even some tasty treats like the Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried Bites.

Plan your exercise
You may have gone away for a lovely, chilled break, but your dog will be itching to get outside and exercise. Many beaches dedicate areas for off lead exercise during the height of the season, so make sure you plan ahead to see where would be best to walk your dog. Why not try Porthkidney Beach in Cornwall, Embleton Bay in Northumberland, or even Holkham Beach in Norfolk? Plenty of pubs and restaurants are also keen to welcome four-legged friends inside for a nice rest also – let’s face it, a long stroll with a pub lunch cannot be beaten!

Don’t leave your dog alone
If you usually leave your dog at home alone while you venture out, don’t expect to be able to do the same if you take them away with you. Many accommodation places will ask you not to leave your dog unattended so be prepared for this!

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager for Nature’s Variety, adds: “With holidays abroad so much less accessible since before the pandemic, we’ve all embraced the UK staycation and family trips have never been better! We all know that dogs are part of the family, so of course we want them to enjoy the holiday just as much as we do. The most important thing to consider is ensuring your dog is both entertained and relaxed while staying somewhere new – we recommend comfy bedding and plenty of tasty treats to make them feel right at home.”

The Nature’s Variety range also includes plenty of wet and dry options that could easily be taken on your next UK staycation.

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