Cat gets hot under the collar after rescue from car engine

The RSPCA rescued a cat after it got stuck in a car engine and was taken on a 70mph trip down a duel carriageway.

Tatty, a male ginger cat, travelled around four miles in the engine bay of the vehicle whilst it was driving on a duel carriageway at about 70mph.

The driver of the car only realised the poor cat was trapped inside when he pulled into the Lidl car park on Yarm Road, Stockton-on-Tees on Tuesday 9 June and hear a meow.

One the vehicle had stopped, Tatty ran out and into the engine of another parked car in the supermarket car park and became stuck behind the engine.

The driver contacted the RSPCA for help and Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Shane Lynn attended to rescue the poor moggy.

Shane said: “He was well and truly stuck behind the engine of the other car when I arrived but with the car owner’s help we managed to disconnect the battery and several electrical components under the bonnet to make just enough room for me to reach him and bring him to safety.

“The rescue took around an hour as it was quite tricky. We then put the car back together and checked everything worked before I left. Thankfully, this intrepid cat had no injuries which was quite a surprise.

“It would have been quite hot being stuck in the engine bay of a car at that speed, so Tatty was very lucky. After a health check at the vets, I was able to reunite him with his owners.”

Six-year old Tatty had only been missing for the afternoon but as he usually stays inside or very close to their home, his owner Caroline Ludlam had posted on Facebook asking people in the area to keep a lookout for him.

Caroline said: “We were very much relieved to have him home and he purred all night. We’ve had lots of loss in the last few years with two of our dogs and our cat was run over so I didn’t think we could handle anything else.

“We were just so relieved to have him back in one piece. He’s not used to going outside and he’s quite a shy cat, so he probably just ran and hid under the car. He was very lucky he wasn’t injured.”

Caroline’s daughters Rihanna and Naomi were first in the queue to give Tatty some fuss