Catit launch new tasty lickable cat treats

Catit have launched a new lickable cat treat, which is taking the cat world by storm.

Catit Creamy is a healthy and hydrating lickable treat rich in amino acids and come in three tasty flavours; chicken and liver, seaford and salmon.

They can be served on a dish of fed to your cat directly from the tube as a special reward. Catit Creamy are natural, tasty and full of essential nutrients.

Each sachet is rich in amino acids, highly palatable, have high meat content and can add tasty variety to your cat’s diet.

There are many ways for your feline friend to enjoy Catit Creamy:

  1. Hand feed your cat
  2. Use Catit Creamy as a topper on their dried food
  3. Serve on Catit’s delightful heart dish

Catit have shared a video to prove just how much cats love this tasty treat, which can be viewed here.

Catit is also encouraging pet owners to upload videos of their cats enjoying Catit Creamy with the hashtag #mycatitcreamyuk to –

For more information on Catit Creamy you can visit