Charity advises against taking moggies on stay-cat-ations

Following the uptake in UK holidays and the increase in lockdown pets this year, Cats Protection is issuing advice on how to care for your cat while on holiday.

The leading feline welfare charity warns against taking your cat with you as it says cats in general find change difficult and are more likely to be content in their own environment.

It also says there’s a risk that the cat might be tempted to escape or if the cat is provided outside access they may get lost in the unfamiliar area.

Daniel Cummings, Cats Protection’s Behaviour Officer says: “Many cats often find journeys stressful, even if they don’t necessarily show it. They’re territorial animals so the journey and the change in environment can be difficult for them.”

The charity’s warning comes after it took in a cat called Georgie last year, 12 years after she’d disappeared on a family camping holiday in Scotland.

Despite Georgie becoming a much-loved fixture around the campsite, she was still living the tough life of a stray before she was found, enduring the harsh winters out in the open as she scrounged for food.

Daniel Cummings advises that the best option for the cat is to get a sitter – either a friend, neighbour or professional cat sitter who can visit at least twice a day and make sure the pet is  well fed and safe.

“The alternative is to book a cattery but before you make a decision, you’ll need to visit and inspect it. You’ll also need to ensure that your cat’s vaccinations are up to date,” says Daniel. “And remember, catteries do get booked up in advance so you will need to plan ahead.”

More help and advice about how best to care for cats while on holiday can be found on Cats Protection’s website here.