Chessie King launches PAWsonal training workout with

Ahead of National Walking the Dog Day, Chessie King launches an exclusive workout with, which dog owners can do with their four-legged friends. has teamed up with personal trainers and body confidence influencer, Chessie King to launch the PAWsonal Training Plan a workout that dog owners and pups can do together.

The cold February weather can be a deterrent to keeping fit, but this new workout, which launches just in time for National Walking the Dog Day, contains new, fun ways to vary your own exercise routine and tips for how to keep your pup mentally and physically stimulated.

Chessie King and her pooch Hugo.

The PAWsonal Training Plan includes a range of moves designed to improve strength, balance and cardio for humans, whilst keeping your dog active.

The workout launches following research which reveals three quarters of dog owners say that pups make great workout companions and 79% say that exercising together improves their mood.

A further 60% say it doesn’t feel like a workout when they exercise with their dog and 79% say working out together strengthens their bond.

In fact, having a dog has been proven to keep you fit. The research reveals that dog owners exercise twice as much as those without (four and a half hours a week in the winter, compared to just two hours for non-dog owners).

Chessie who has been appointed as the ‘PAWsonal Training Expert’ for recently became a pet parent to a cockapoo named Hugo. This tole brings together her love of fitness and dogs for the first time.

From agility to strength exercises and even a bit of doga (practicing yoga with dogs), this unique series will be the ‘ultimutt’ full-body workout

Chessie comments: “Having recently become a dog owner myself, I’m acutely aware of the challenges that come with looking after a pup. Whilst Hugo – the newest member of our family – is a bundle of fun, ensuring he stays happy and healthy takes a huge amount of time and energy. I find we bond best when we’re playing and having fun, which are the elements I bring to my workouts.

“It’s important to vary your exercise routine so you don’t both become bored. This workout will give dog owners inspiration for how they can mix things up. Pups make the best workout companions and exercising together not only keeps you both active but also strengthens your bond.” as launched an exercise calculator to help give pet parents some guidance. The tool, which is free to use on the website, allows dog owners to input information about their dog’s age and size, in order to calculate approximately how much exercise, they need daily.

Five signs your dog isn’t getting enough exercise:

  • Destructive behaviour is a primary sign you have a bored or anxious dog and exercise is one of the best solutions.
  • If your dog is constantly engaging in rough play, then they may have an excess of pent-up energy
  • Dogs gain weight when they take in more energy than they can use; in other words when they eat too much and don’t exercise enough. Obesity is especially common in older dogs, who naturally slow down as they age.
  • If your dog has trouble sleeping through the night then it may be a sign that they have energy to burn, so tired them out with an exercise routine or a run around in the park.
  • Some dogs will bark or whine if they don’t get enough exercise; this is their way of expressing their anxiety or boredom vocally.

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