Collapsed bloodied dog dumped in garden

The RSPCA is investigating after a battered and bloodied dog was found collapsed in a garden in Coulsdon, London.

The brown bull lurcher type – named George – was found seemingly dumped, in a collapsed state, in a woman’s garden on 2 September. She alerted the RSPCA and inspector Liz Wheeler went to collect the poor dog. 

Liz said: “A woman came out of her home and found poor George collapsed on her driveway covered in blood. The poor lad was in a real state – he couldn’t stand and could barely lift his head. He was weak and covered in blood and infected wounds. She made him comfortable in a soft bed and rested his head on a fluffy blanket and called us for help. I rushed him to a vet and they checked him over. We believe his injuries are consistent with badger baiting so I suspect he’s been used for hunting before being dumped.

“He was microchipped* and we managed to trace the details on the chip but his previous owner – 200 miles away in South Yorkshire – said he’d been stolen from their garden three years ago and said they’re sadly now unable to take him back.”

George was treated by a local vet and is now being cared for at RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre, in Surrey.

Kate MacNeill, from the centre, said: “George is already looking and feeling much better. He’s doing really well and is starting to come out of his shell around our staff who he is beginning to trust. He’s a really friendly boy and very chilled out. He’s getting lots of TLC from us all as he recovers from his ordeal.”

Liz is now investigating and has appealed to the public for any information about George and who is responsible for using him for hunting or abandoning him in such a poor state.

She said: “Sadly we see many dogs coming into our care with horrific injuries caused as a result of being used either for badger digging or baiting, or other hunting offences. These are barbaric ‘bloodsports’ that not only inflict fatal or life-changing injuries to wild animals but also see the hunting dogs used suffering from painful wounds which are usually left untreated. Badger digging and baiting has been illegal for years but, unfortunately, we appear to be seeing a surge in the number of offences our inspectors and Special Operations Unit are investigating.

“Anyone with information about George should contact our inspector appeal line and leave me a message on 0300 123 8018. Anyone who is concerned about badger persecution and wildlife crimes should alert our cruelty hotline on 0300 1234 999.”