Company of Animals adds new and improved products to Halti range

Pet training and behaviour experts, Company of Animals has announced the launch of some new and exciting developments within its Halti range.

With a successful launch at this year’s Crufts, the all-new Halti No Pull Harness and next generation Halti Headcollar, both of which combine the expert design, quality and functionality that consumers love from Company of Animals.

The new Halti No Pull Harness is expertly designed to provide the best possible control for owners with dogs that are prone to pulling on the lead.

The unique design of the No Pull Harness incorporates both a stop-pulling lifting feature connected at the back of the harness and for stronger dogs, an optional front chest attachment, that provides even more control for a dog owner when used with a dual-clip lead.

The lightweight hardness, padded chest panel and leg straps are designed for extra comfort and the fixed chest panel also stops the harness from sliding if the dog is a particularly enthusiastic puller.

The harness also features a reflective front chest panel and strap stitching for extra visibility all year round.

The Halti range also now offers the new and improved Halti Headcollar to help dog owners stop even the strongest of dogs from pulling by using directional control.

The Halti Headcollar still uses the Halti principle of turning the dog’s nose away from where they want to go and therefore kindly encouraging them to stop pulling.

However, the new design of the Headcollar’s no pull function is said to be ‘market leading’ for responsive control so that the dog can learn quicker and it provides increased stability, not sliding on the dog’s face, to ensure the dog is more comfortable.

To ensure maximum comfort, the Headcollar is extremely strong yet lightweight and has no heavy metal work on the dog’s face. The nose band is also fully padded with neoprene cushioning to provide additional comfort for dogs.

Commenting on the launch of the new products, Paul Nolan, CEO at Company of Animals said: “We have always placed a strong emphasis on improving the wellbeing of dogs and their owners and strive to help them live an enriched life together. These new products strengthen this vision and we are excited to introduce them to our customers this spring.

“Pulling on the lead is a common problem face by most dog owners today and we all know that training our dogs out of this behaviour must start at home. Our Halti range is designed to help dog owners do exactly that and target these behavioural issues in a safe and controlled manner.”

Paul added: “All products manufactured by Company of Animals go through an intensive testing process and both these new products passed with flying colours. 97% of dog owners using the No Pull Harness saw immediate results and said that their dog stopped pulling right from the start of having the harness on.”

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