Company of Animals shares its top gifts for pets this Christmas

We all like to get something special for everyone at Christmas, and the family dog is no exception.

Whether you’re looking for stocking filler ideas for your sister’s beloved Schnauzer, or you’ve got a request straight from your own dog, these are the top present picks courtesy of Company of Animals.

Halti Training Lead & Halti No Pull Harness Combo

The Halti Training Lead paired with the Halti No Pull Harness are the perfect no-pull combination providing optimum steering and control during walks and training sessions. The Training Lead is a favourite with dog trainers worldwide thanks to its adjustable lead lengths, and its soft cushioned material makes it comfortable to hold meaning, it’s a great present for both dog and owner.

Expect tail wagging when they unwrap the harness too – its patented chest mesh design allows unrestricted movement, whilst the plush padded straps provide extra comfort, so they’ll want to stay out with you for hours this Christmas. The harness is equipped for safety too as the webbed straps are laced with reflective straps so help with visibility in the darker wintery evenings.

Interactive Green Feeder

Interactive Green Feeder

Know a dog that loves their food so much they gobble it down in a flash? This revolutionary interactive feeder is designed to turn mealtimes into a challenging and stimulating experience that slows speed-eating. Its clever design promotes a safer eating regime for dogs of all ages. Simply sprinkle the food across the grass-inspired tufts, and your dog will enjoy the challenge of pushing the food out between them with their nose. As an extra bonus, the feeder is dishwasher safe and suitable for both dry and wet foods. Available in two sizes.

Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Shampoo

Bursting with aloe, vitamins C and E, oatmeal and jojoba oil, this is a naturally lavish treat for any pooch hoping to be pampered this Christmas. Its luxurious scent will leave your pet smelling fresh as a daisy and looking glossier than ever. Treat their tresses to a bit of winter protection with this comforting blend that moisturises and softens coats, whilst helping heal and protect sensitive skin. The bottle comes in a sleek design and convenient 354ml size.

Boomer Ball

Described as the ultimate tough toy, the virtually indestructible Boomer Ball from Company of Animals is sturdy and durable, whilst being lightweight making it the ideal gift for those ball-obsessed toy destroyers. This is a great option for dogs that love to chase and conquer. The Boomer Ball is designed not to be picked up, so choose a size bigger than your dog can carry and they’ll have hours of fun chasing it along the ground and playing on their natural instinct to chase. Its available in four sizes and comes in red or blue.

Coaches Training Treats

Coaches Natural Training Treats

For those after a low calories, delicious and natural treat (that’s also an ideal partner to training sessions) Company of Animals have developed the perfect solution and ideal stocking filler. Coachies Natural Training Treats are made with rice and oats and flavoured with yoghurt before being oven baked for the perfect texture. These delicious morsels are find for sensitive tummies, and with the addition of Omega 3 and 6, plus antioxidants and plant extracts they also help to maintain a healthy immune system.

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