Cotswold RAW dispelling the tripe about tripe

Premium dog food brand, Cotswold RAW are dispelling the negativity surrounding tripe, a key ingredient in their range.

As leading exponents of well-rounded, nutritionally-primed pet food, there was never any question of a rural orientated operation like Cotswold RAW seeing tripe in anything but a positive light.

The vibrant Badsey operation has seen a significant interest over the last 4 months in its 2 tripe-themed offers: a much oved beef and Tripe complete meal and an especially popular lamb’s Tripe Chunks offer that provides the perfect complimentary meal for your pet.

There’s no escaping the undeniable truth that tripe (from a human perspective) doesn’t win any beguiling scent awards, and yet, for senior dogs with a declining sense of smell or frustratingly finicky hounds it’s the human equivalent of fresh coffee meets bacon baps.

Tripe is an all too natural element of both dogs’ and cats’ ancestral diets, because as self-sufficient hunters, they’d consume their prey’s entire stomach and associated entrails, which provided abundant access to essential vitamins and nutrients.

Green tripe is the easily digestible, untreated contents of a grazing animal’s stomach or intestines; a fermented food, which contains high quotas of the all-important healthy probiotic, lactobacillus acidophilus, that tackles harmful gut bacteria: e-coli, listeria and salmonella head on to keep your pet’s digestive system in fine fettle.

Better than that, Green Tripe is brimming with heart-healthy unsaturated fats, (nearly 50%) that in addition to providing top drawer, long-term energy, makes your four-legged friend feel nice and full, which is particularly helpful if your hound is following a carefully controlled, weight-loss diet.

A Cotswold RAW spokesperson, said: “In addition to supporting our region’s rural economy, an integral part of what we do is help historically unfashionable cuts of meat find their feet.