Cotswold RAW launches its ‘3 birds in a bowl’ raw festive line

Cotswold RAW launch their flavoursome seasonal special, ‘three birds in a bowl’ range, just in time for the festive period.

A bird in the hand might well be worth two in the bush but what about three, free range, raw birds in a dog bowl complete with seasonal veg?

As one might expect from the Cotswold-based, raw dog food providers, there was never any chance that the ‘festive’ period would be allowed to come and go without the creation of a flavoursome seasonal special for the flourishing four-legged following to enjoy.

At a time of year when friends and family invariably gather for the conveyor belt of fantastical food that is unmistakably Christmas, it seems only right that our four-legged companions aren’t left feeling forgotten.

Cotswold RAW founder, Mark Lewis, said: “We work tirelessly at our rural operation to ensure that none of our meals could ever be deemed timid, mundane or one-dimensional. The phenomenal success of our recent Wild line, featuring ‘species appropriate’ proteins, Rabbit Venison and Duck was a timely reminder that from time to time, discerning dogs appreciate recipes of a more involving nature (depth of flavours and textures, the addition of non-farmyard fayre…). Needless to say, a three-meat treat ensures that any resulting recipe is brimming with beneficial proteins, nutrients and essential amino acids.”

The new flavours are available from 22ns November while stocks last, for more information on the full Cotswold RAW range you can visit