Cotswold RAW returns to the ‘WILD’ side

This month Cotswold RAW extends its rural offer with the launch of its second wild countryside flavour, Duck & Venison.

Whilst it’s well known that Cotswold RAW is a vocal advocate of rural sustainability, the local farming community and the wider countryside economy, it’s worth noting that Cotswold RAW is a proud supporter of the nation’s dwindling Gamekeeper fraternity.

Gamekeepers are seen as the cornerstone of the countryside community and originated in the medieval era to thwart deer poachers, before evolving over the centuries into custodians of the countryside, conservation, land management and the wider preservation of woods, hedgerows, fields and rivers.

When you consider that BARF thinking is about reconnecting pets with a time when dogs lived off the land (pre-bland kibble of heat bombarded ready meals) its makes sense that Cotswold RAW champions a couple of lines that provide an occasional break from more everyday farmyard flavours.

Co-founder of Cotswold RAW, Chris Brierley, said: “Our premium pet food’s trajectory is inextricably linked with the very latest trends in artisan human food movement. Our business founded to ably assist the local farming operations and the wider rural community, celebrating a rural perspective that celebrates our nation’s finest countryside traditions.”

Duck and Venison Mince is available in 500g and 1KG packs. For more information visit