Could you give loving Gizmo a forever home?

A lonely cat who has had a rough start in life is now eager to find her purr-fect home.

Gizmo is a playful little girl who went into RSPCA care after she was abandoned by her previous owner. Unfortunately, as the owner’s other cat did not get along with Gizmo, she was left to live on the streets.

Anne-Marie Rowe who is fostering Gizmo for the RSPCA Fylde branch, said: “She is a traditional shorthaired crossbreed cat who is used to being loved. She loves to be loved and once she gets to know you, you will most certainly be lying down giving out many tummy tickles. Chicken is also most certainly her weak spot too and she will do anything for it.

“Gizmo is wary of other individuals; however, she has made so much progress from when she first came into our care.”

Gizmo arrived at the RSPCA rehoming centre six month ago with her mother who was quickly adopted, but poor Gizmo is still waiting for her new home.

Anne- Marie explained: “Gizmo has made great progress in her interactions with other cats and humans. At first, she did not want to have any interactions with other cats whatsoever as a result of her difficult start in life, but over the last six months in foster care, I’ve seen her real personality traits, showing off her happy and playful side shine through. She loves a good yummy tickle and to chase a laser pen about the house.”

Gizmo is ready to find a new owner to form a loving, playful attachment with. She will need a home without dogs and would benefit from being in a household with children of at least secondary school age.

She will be fine with another cat and will initially benefit from having her own space, however this will eventually be with you as an owner giving out those all loving tummy tickles.

In 2018 the RSPCA centres and branches took in 28,986 cats and more than 90,000 cats over the last three years. July sees the most cats coming into the charity’s centres and branches with 2,622 in 2018, 3,386 in 2017 and 3,143 in 2016 in that month alone.

Last year in Lancashire, 681 cats were abandoned. This year it is Gizmo and many others waiting for a home, someone to feel loved by again.

If you would like to find out more and think you can offer Gizmo her purr-fect home, you can contact RSPCA Fylde branch on 01253 873616 or email

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