Could you offer Mia, Sox and Hex a new home?

A trio of rabbits have been waiting at Rabbit Residence Rescue for their new family for a year.

Beautiful Lionhead bunny trio, Mia, Sox and Hex, arrived at Rabbit Residence Rescue near Royston in December 2020. Despite their adorable looks, they have not yet found their special someone.

The trio are mum, Mia, and son and daughter, Sox and Hex. Mia was found as a stray with another rabbit and shortly gave birth to a litter of babies. Her other babies have found new homes, but this trio are still waiting.

Lea Facey, Rabbit Residence Rescue manager says:We are looking for quite a particular home which is why they might have been waiting for so long. They are friendly, healthy and very active, always up to mischief and have proven to all have the favourite hobby of making a mess! For this reason we are looking for at least 100 square foot of outdoor space for them, with lots of places to hide, a nice big shed to snuggle in, and lots of toys, tunnels, somewhere for a good dig and different levels. They really enjoy running through tunnels and hopping up high to look out for humans coming with snacks!

Sadly, while the rescue has many applications for rabbits, only a one in twenty have the right kind of set up ready for rabbits. The charity is one of many to follow the Rabbit Welfare Association’s guidance on rabbit housing and supports their ‘A Hutch is not Enough’ campaign.”

Lea continues:For all rabbits, including Mia, Sox and Hex, just an average hutch does not offer them enough space or environment enrichment. If a hutch is used it should only ever be considered a bedroom. Many adoptees build incredible outdoor set ups for their rabbits, using sheds, playhouses, aviaries and lots of tunnels. These set ups don’t always come cheap, however, and this must be budgeted for if you are considering rabbits. Unfortunately “cheaper” options including flat pack hutches are often flimsy and don’t offer the security and weather proofing outdoor rabbits need.

Sadly we also do not encourage allowing rabbits to free range in your garden unsupervised, even though this can seem like you’re offering them lots of space, as hazards and predators can appear at any time. Rabbits must have lots of space and enrichment, but also be kept safe from harm and snug in bad weather.”

If you would like more details or think you can offer a home to Mia, Sox and Hex, or any of the other rescue’s lovely rabbits, please visit or email