Data reveals breed of dog more susceptible to illness

New data suggests French Bulldogs are more susceptible to illness whilst claims paid out on sausage dogs are priciest.

Yorkshire-based pet insurer, The Insurance Emporium has revealed the top ten reasons for dog insurance claims to be paid out by the company during 2018.

French Bulldogs were behind 20% of all the claims paid out during 2018 and the claims for this breed were also the second most expensive, at an average of almost £700 paid out per claim.

The main health problems afflicting French Bulldogs were respiratory issues, leg disorder, skin problems and digestive disorders. They also had issues with their eyes, eyesight, backs, spine and pelvis.

Handbag dogs were the top three most expensive in terms of average claim pay outs. Dachshunds were the most expensive, at £772 per average claim paid out, with French Bulldogs next and Pugs being the third most expensive at £600 per average claim paid out.

According to the data, the highest single claim paid out during 2018 was an eye watering £7905. This was for a mixed-breed dog, which was unfortunately involved in a road traffic accident.

The average claim paid out across all conditions for dogs in 2018 was £603.

The top reason triggering a claim in dogs generally was digestive orders, which affected over 11% of dogs with the average bill coming to a stomach-churning £615.

Growths, cysts and tumours were second the highest reason for dog insurance claims, triggering 11% of all dog claims and costing £590 on average.

Leg injuries caused significant problems for dogs and were behind 9% of dog related claims. Leg injuries could be pricey at £824 per average pay out. Furthermore, issues with a dog’s tendons and ligaments proved to be the most expensive of all injuries on average, costing £1292 per average claims pay out.

Francis Martin, Chief Executive Officer of The Insurance Emporium, said: “Our statistics for 2018 show claim pay outs for dogs can be significant sums of money. Our range of flexible dog insurance products are designed to offer peace of mind should the worst happen, leaving our customers free to enjoy time with their beloved dog.”

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