Devoted duos looking for new homes at Dogs Trust Manchester

Dogs Trust Manchester are hoping to find new homes and devoted owners for two pairs of equally devoted dogs.

The team at the Denton-based rehoming centre have found themselves looking after two sets of canine companions who have found themselves without a home through no fault of their own.

Now the team are hoping that they will find forever families for them all at the double.

Dogs Trust Manchester Rehoming Centre Manager, Dawn Bishop, said: “We like to call them our fabulous four as they are all adorable! They each found themselves without a home due to change in their family’s circumstances so we’re hoping that it won’t be long before some big-hearted dog lovers fall in love, twice over.”

Ten-year old Collie, Roxie, ad nine-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Alfie are young at heart and inseparable. Alfie has lived with Roxie all his life and their favourite pastime is playing with each other as well as their two-legged friends.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Diesel, who is ten, and seven-year-old Daisy, rarely take their eyes off each other, unless there’s a game of fetch on offer. They love having cuddles and a fuss made of them and when they aren’t playing, they can be found snuggled up together enjoying a snooze.

Dawn adds: “They can all live with cats and children and they are all incredibly affectionate and fun so we know they will be a wonderful addition to family life. They really are true canine companions who need to stay together so we’re just hoping local dog-lovers are looking for double the doggie love and have room in their homes and their hearts for them.”

If you think that you could offer the perfect home for Alfie and Roxie or Diesel and Daisy, you are advised to call the Denton-based centre on 0300 303 0292.