Do you have hugs in store for Huggy Bear?

Dogs Trust Canterbury is seeking a loving home for Huggy Bear, an energetic 4-year old crossbreed.

Despite his cuddly name, Huggy Bear takes his time to get to know people and new environments. Once he has built up a happy, trustful relationship, he is a loving boy.

Huggy Bear is a quick learner and very clever so he is looking for new owners who can spend time playing and teaching him new tricks. His energetic nature means he is looking for an active home and as he can be a bit shy, he’d prefer to live with just one or two adults and not too many visitors.

Huggy Bear must be the only dog in the home. His new home needs to be in a quiet are with space to walk without many other dogs around, as well as direct access to his own garden.

Huggy Bear would like his new owners to be at home with him most of the day; his leaving time needs to be built up very slowly over time. He can potentially be left for an hour or two once fully settled.

If you think you can be the one for Huggy Bear, you can visit the Dogs Trust Canterbury centre or call them on 01895 544544.

For more information you can visit