Does your city have the happiest dogs?

Dog lovers at OnBuy Pet Supplies have created an index of six factors which can determine the level of happiness of our furry friends in different cities in the UK.

The six factors analyse the number of parks, pet-friendly accommodations, pet shops, dog grooming places and dog vs cat population. These factors were added together in order to achieve an overall score for each city.

Coming out on top was Swansea with a score of 333. Whilst the city has a rather large population of cats, the city has earned the highest score for the number of parks. Simultaneously, Swansea receives a great number of points for its plentiful dog-friendly accommodation and pet shops in the area.

Not far behind Swansea are Plymouth and Manchester in joint second place with a score of 318 points each.

If your dog has a toxic relationships with cats, we recommend Manchester where you can find a lower population of felines, however if your pet is partial to their monthly grooming, Plymouth is a great place for them.

Blackpool comes next with a score of 304 points. Whilst it may be hard to find a dog-friendly accommodation there, there are a decent number of parks, pet shops and dog grooming places to make your pup feel fancy.

Lastly, in the top five we find Belfast with 286 points. Scoring the highest number of points for dog population, this city is great for social butterfly pets who will be able to make loads of four-legged friends.

At the other end of the scale, the cities with the fewest pet-friendly facilities and scoring the lowest number of points are Oxford- 39, Cambridge – 45, Southend-on-Sea – 69, Milton Keynes – 71 and Bradford -84.

To help us understand our pets and their needs more, OnBuy Pet Supplies got in contact with Natalia Ashton, author of Perfect Cocker Spaniel Guide.

She said: “A happy dog has a dreamy soft gaze and relaxed eyelids, lips are loose, the forehead is wrinkle-free. The body is completely relaxed, the ears are floppy. and the tail is raised to the mid-level and wagging.

“A happy dog will seek engagement with you by greeting you with great enthusiasm, initiating fun time, play bowing or bringing a toy. They will also blissfully snooze for hours often stretching out on their backs to make the most of your sofa.”

How to keep your pooch happy?

Natalia adds: “Choose activities that suit your dog’s age to avoid overstimulation. Have at least one walk a day and allow your pooch to run and exercise depending on his age and physical abilities. Visit new places, especially if your dog is an adventurer and enjoys these activities. Let your pooch enjoy a safe chew or a stuffed toy – licking and chewing are really relaxing. Learn your dog’s habits – not every dog likes to be touched by strangers, some would rather share their time with people than dogs, others would prefer to avoid certain pooches or places.”