Dog obesity – Are you feeding your dog properly?

Obesity in dogs has been on the rise over the past few years and there’s much for dog owners to learn about what is actually going into their food.

Dog food brands and products are coming under greater scrutiny than ever before. Wet food and dry kibble crammed with filler and grain are not only lowering pets’ vitality, but they are also contributing to the canine obesity crisis. It is tempting for many dog lovers to simply buy food that’s brightly packaged, widely advertised, and that which their pets enjoy.

However, according to John Kenyon, spokesperson for dog nutrition brand Ooddles Kitchen, we all need to be looking more carefully at what our pet food actually contains.

John said: “Dogs can’t ask owners to feed them better food,” they confirm. “It’s down to us to make that choice for them. It’s easy to get blindsided by the same brands and clever marketing. However, much of the food on offer from even the big names simply isn’t good enough. There’s all kinds of artificiality, grain, and useless filler. That might not taste bad to your dog, but it’s not going to do them any good.”

Ooddles Kitchen is an online retailer offering natural, no-strings dog food. Owners are able to create their own custom feed through the brand’s website, choosing between dry, wet, and raw meals that dogs genuinely enjoy. In addition to this, Ooddles Kitchen products are free from harmful grain and nasty additives likely to exacerbate obesity.

“There needs to be a massive push for education with regard to dog food quality,” Oodles Kitchen insists. “There’s a handful of fantastic resources online, but more dog owners need to take it on themselves to do the research. If this knowledge is made more readily available, they can start making healthier choices for their pets.”

“Yes, it’s quick and convenient to pick up the named brand packet of chews from the supermarket. But while that’s a minor win for you, it’s not going to be a long-term win for your dog. It is the equivalent of fast food for pets. It looks fine, it tastes great, but it’s made with cheap, nasty stuff that’s going to make your dog overweight and sluggish – and that’s not going to lead to a long and happy life.”

Ooddles Kitchen is pushing ahead with major promotions to help share their bright, quirky products with British dog lovers. Their online storefront enables you to order their premium grade food direct to your door. The brand offers a personal approach and is keen to help keep people as safe as possible, too.

“Online shopping has, of course, seen a real boom this year,” they advise. “This is for obvious reasons – and we want to offer dog owners a safe, quick and easy way to order dog food that’s of premium quality for their pets to enjoy. Feeding your dog on high quality meat and dry food is also really cost-effective, as well as being healthier for your pet. Better quality food means you feed your dog less – they stay fuller for longer and aren’t clamouring for more.”

“Raw and natural dog food is free from anything nasty that’s likely to cause your pets health issues later down the line. When you give your pets fantastic food, you can see the results in their everyday life. They’re trimmer, happier, more energetic, and can lead longer and more fulfilling lives.”

The message from Ooddles Kitchen is that while there should be better education available to dog owners to help avoid the obesity crisis, pet lovers should also be willing to put in the time to research what is best for their four-legged friends.

“We’re making it easier for dog lovers to find the best food choices around,” Oodles Kitchen confirms. “The dog obesity crisis is not going to go away until owners start looking carefully at what’s on the label! Let’s help make things easier on them – with a range of natural food that’s affordable, responsibly produced and easy to order. There is no reason why finding the best nutrition for your pet should have to be inconvenient!”