Dogs Trust Bridgend celebrates long-term foster carer

Dogs Trust Bridgend is celebrating the devotion of dedicated foster carer Sue Nash from Cardiff, who has given five years of her time to care for homeless dogs.

Sue started fostering in 2013 and during her time as a dedicated carer for dogs waiting to be adopted, she has cared for 23 dogs, mainly puppies, of all shapes and sizes.

Sue and her husband Ray also have two rescue dogs of their own, 12-year old Collie Cross Teg and Misty, a 9-year old a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross, as well as three rescue cats.

She started fostering not long after the Dogs Trust set up the Home From Home fostering scheme which focuses on finding temporary homes for dogs that need a little extra TLC away from the hustle and bustle of the rehoming centre.

Foster carers like Sue can give dogs a home-away-from-home, allowing them time to relax and settle into their home life until a loving new family comes forward to adopt them.

Sue said: “The great thing about being a foster carer is that it gives you a chance to help lots of dogs and you have the full backing of Dogs Trust who give you everything you need to look after the dogs. Even though it can be hard to part with he dogs when they find their new family, it is so worth it knowing you’ve helped them to fin their perfect home.”

There are currently 25 foster families on board helping to take dogs in from Dogs Trust Bridgend but the team says they are always looking for more foster carers to call upon.

Mandy Grant, Co-ordinator of the Home from Home fostering scheme at Dogs Trust Bridgend, said: “Our foster scheme means some of the dogs who have found themselves in our care can continue to enjoy the home comforts, which come as part of a loving family. Our team of volunteer foster carers are amazing and allow us to look after even more dogs, every dog in foster care frees up a kennel for another dog in need.”

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer foster carer, you can visit