Dogs Trust Bridgend’s new training barn set up to help thousands of dogs across South Wales

Dogs Trust Bridgend has unveiled its new training barn which is set to help thousands of dogs across South Wales.

Burder’s Barn, named after late CEO and proud Welshman, Adrian Burder, was officially opened with waggy tails on Wednesday 17th July by members of the Burder family and staff at Dogs Trust.

The brand- new space will provide vital support to the dogs that pass through the doors of the Pen-y-Fai rehoming centre, equipping them with invaluable skills for their new homes.

It will be imperative for Dogs Trust Bridgend’s team of Training and Behaviour Advisors and Canine Carers to provide extra training and rehabilitation for up to 50 residents in their care at one time, particularly those with specific behavioural needs, to help their chances of finding a loving new home.

Not only it will be a vital space for the 600 rescue dogs that come through the rehoming centre doors each year, but it will support dogs and their owners across South Wales through Dogs Trust’s Dog School, training classes based on positive, reward-based techniques to give both owners and their dogs the skills needed to understand each other and build a rewarding life-long relationship.

Mr Burder believed that providing advice and support to dog owners so they could work through any behavioural issues they are experiencing would mean they were less likely to give their dog up.

Angela Wetherall, Dogs Trust Bridgend’s Manager, said: “Burder’s Barn will allow us to provide extra training and support to our dogs whilst they wait for their forever homes. We haven’t had a space of this size before, so we know it’s going to be extremely well-used and we feel incredibly lucky to have this great facility.

“Our late CEO, Adrian Burder, who we sadly lost last autumn, championed everything about dog welfare, and as a proud Welshman, it seemed only right to name this new facility after him, hence we have called it Burder’s Barn. This is testament to his dedication to improving the lives of not only the dogs we care for, but those across Wales.”

Lucky doggies at Dogs Trust Bridgend experience many different types of training with the training team and Canine Carers, from recall, socialisation and other techniques such as sit and stay, to more challenging training such as conquering fears and learning to trust people.

It also provides a warm dry space to train in when the great British weather isn’t on our side.

Angela added: “The staff work so hard to ensure the dogs in our care are well looked after and that includes preparing them for their forever homes by investing in their training and behaviour. I’m sure it’s going to go down well with all of the dogs, both at the centre and those who we continue to support once they are in their loving homes.”

If you are interested in offering any Dogs Trust Bridgend dogs a loving new home, or are interested in signing up to Dogs Trust Dog School, you can call the rehoming centre on 1656 338745 or visit for more information.