Dogs Trust pooch helps grieving widow conquer Mount Snowdon

An ex Dogs Trust Canterbury resident has helped grieving widow to conquer Mount Snowdon following her husband’s death in 2004.

Elsa a 10- year old Weimaraner arrived at Dogs Trust Canterbury in 2012 with a number of health issues, including a cancerous tumour on her right ear and hip dysplasia.

Despite the health problems, Elsa was adopted by Andrea Elliott and six years on she is now a fit, vibrant and energetic dog who has consistently overcome everything life has thrown at her.

Andrea was tragically widowed in 2004 after her husband died in a mountaineering accident in the Maritime alps on the French Italian border.

One of the couple’s favourite places to walk was Snowdon National Park in North Wales and it has taken Andrea 14 years to return and stand at the summit again. But this time it was with her courageous friend, Elsa by her side.

Andrea said: “Elsa is an amazing girl, she is eleven years old in February and has beaten every challenge life puts in her way. The trip to Snowdon was an epic adventure for both of us. Elsa has never seen a mountain before or been further than her seaside home in Kent, but she took it all in her stride. I can’t express how blessed I feel to have her in my life and grateful I am to Dogs Trust. Elsa proudly wore her Dogs Trust lead all the way to the summit.”

Dogs Trust Canterbury Rehoming Centre Manager, Harriet Blaskett added: “Elsa is an absolute warrior and just keeps going despite the medical issues that she’s had to contend with. She had a cancerous tumour removed from her ear flap by our centre vet when she was four, leaving her with one ear a third shorter, it took months to rebuild her health and strength.

“She has numerous lumps and bumps but thankfully has had the cancer all clear for over six years now. Andrea tells us that Elsa has also overcome her fear of water and now paddles up to her waist most days, she has had hydrotherapy for her hip and is regularly checked by the vet but shows no signs of slowing down.”

Andrea added: “Elsa and I have healed each other over the years. We give each other strength on a daily basis. Her ability to keep bouncing back from every situation is astounding. I have learnt to never underestimate her. Dogs Trust gave us both the opportunity to start a wonderful new life and I can’t thank them enough.”

Andrea and Elsa will be heading to France next month for the first time where their adventures continue.