Dogs Trust Shoreham celebrate National Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month

As National Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month comes to a close, Dogs Trust Shoreham highlight the work of their Veterinary Nurse and Vet Nurse Assistant.

National Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month is dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of the role of veterinary nurses and their provision of responsible pet care.

Veterinary nurse, Justine joined Dogs Trust at the start of this year and Wenona joined five and half years ago, originally as a receptionist before taking on the role of Veterinary Nurse Assistant, this year.

Justine previously worked at a busy veterinary hospital for over 17 years and when asked what she loved most about here job at Dogs Trust, she said: “Its knowing you have made a positive difference to an animal’s life. It’s great to be part of a wonderful team working together, be it medically or behavioural to enrich each dog’s life. To then seeing them going to their new home, happy and healthy because of everyone’s hard work is a brilliant feeling.”

Wenona described he hardest part of her job: “Without a doubt the hardest thing is seeing the condition that some of the dogs come to us in, but it is so very rewarding to be able to help them, and watch them grow stronger and happier with lots of TLC.”

Dogs Trust Shoreham’s Rehoming Centre Manager Tracey Rae, said: “All year long our Vet Nurse and Vet Nurse Assistant work tirelessly to ensure our dogs have the highest standards of care. They often have to ride an emotional roller-coaster, living so many dog’s journeys through illness and injury – and they always manage to stay positive and keep going through the most difficult of times. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank them this Vet Nurse Awareness Month for the incredible work that they do for the dogs at the centre.”