Dogs Trust wants to know how you chose your pooch

Dogs Trust has launched a public study to find out how people choose their pooches.

We may be a nation of dog lovers but very little is known about the journey people go on when deciding which pooch is their preferred match.

That is why Dogs Trust is asking dog owners and potential dog owners to take part in its Choosing My Dog survey, which will reveal all about how and why dog owners pick their four-legged friends.

The unique study will delve into everything from how potential dog owners decide on a breed to where they get their dog from, helping the charity to understand buyer behaviour.

By learning more, Dogs Trust aims to advise potential future dog owners to help them avoid dodgy dealers.

Choosing My Dog Project lead, Rebecca said: “Although many people buy dogs each year, hardly anything is known about how and why we reach those decisions. It is important to remember that, sadly, not all breeders can be trusted, so there is a real need to understand how people are choosing their dog so that we can better support buyers and safeguard dog welfare.”

To take part in the Choosing My Dog Study you can visit