Elderly dog finds new home, but won’t be parted from precious slipper

A ten-year-old dog who wouldn’t be separated from a slipper after his owner passed away, has sniffed out a new forever home.

Digger, a Yorkshire Terrier Cross, arrived at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury after his owner sadly died, and whilst he waited to find a new family, he could always be found playing with or snuggling up to the slipper.

Sue Bromley, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, said: “When dogs are handed over to us, they often arrive with their bed, toys or their favourite blanket, and gorgeous Digger came with the slipper, which it soon became clear he didn’t want to be parted from. Our dogs have had to leave behind virtually everything they’ve ever known – their home, the people they have lived with, their usual walks and routine. It’s a lot for them to adjust to so having something familiar can bring them comfort, and that was definitely the case for Digger and his slipper.”

Digger hadn’t been waiting long before dog lover Elizabeth Stone from Shrewsbury spotted him and was found to be a perfect match for the Older Age Pooch (OAP).

Elizabeth, who has adopted two Border Collie rescue dogs previously, says: “I had been looking to adopt another dog for some time and then I saw Digger’s photo on the website. He looked gorgeous and when I read about the type of home he was looking for, I hoped that the team agreed I could give him what he needed. When I went to meet him, they told me about the slipper and so there was no doubt that it was coming home with him. Whatever makes him happy!”

Elizabeth says Digger has settled in really quickly, likes to head out on walks to the park and snuggles up with her, and the slipper, in the evening.

She adds: “Given everything he has been through, he has adjusted well and seems really happy. He likes his routine, so he has his breakfast as soon as he gets up and then later in the day we head out for a nice walk. He was obviously a much-loved dog and I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to give him, and the slipper, another loving home.”

If you would like to find out about the dogs at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury currently waiting for their forever homes, please go to www.dogstrust.org.uk/rehoming to start the virtual adoption process.