Elderly dogs looking for a second chance at happiness

Two elderly rescue dogs at Dogs Trust Salisbury are looking for a second chance at happiness in the twilight years.

Ten-year old Chihuahua Thorn lived in his previous home since he was a puppy and 16-year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bramble (pictured above) lives with her previous owners for six years.

Ten-year old Chihuahua Thorn

Sadly, they have both found themselves at Dogs Trust Salisbury through no fault of their own after a change in their owners’ circumstances.

They are very much used to their home comforts so are enjoying plenty of affection in temporary foster homes through the charity’s Home from home scheme but the team is hoping dog lovers will see past their ages and greying muzzles and give them a retirement home for the rest of their days.

Emma Sainsbury, Home from Home Co-ordinator at Dogs Trust Salisbury, says: “It is always sad when older dogs come to us as they are so used to their home comforts. Both Bramble and Thorn are very much used to having a loving family around so have had to adapt to a whole new way of life, but they are coping very well.”

Dogs Trust Salisbury is able to recruit dedicated foster carers and place dogs in temporary foster care thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery who help to fund staff like Emma who run the scheme at each of their rehoming centres so that the dogs are well cared for in an environment they are used to until they find new homes.

Emma added: “Some dogs aren’t cut out for kennel life. This might be because they are young puppies, recovering from surgery or in case of Bramble and Thorn, elderly and are used to living in a home. Thanks to the support we get from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, we’re able to have a fantastic network of foster carers who give dogs the care they deserve until they find a forever family.

“We believe a dog is for life and our fantastic fosterers really do show our dogs the meaning behind this statement, giving them a safe and loving environment to enjoy whilst they wait for their new families. Bramble and Thorn are enjoying their time in their foster homes, but it would be wonderful to hear that they have found loving new families really soon.”

Bramble is a very sweet elderly lady who loves nothing more than peace and quiet. A perfect day for her would be a nice short walk, followed by a quick potter and sniff around the garden, then onto a nice cosy bed for a nap.

Staff at Dogs Trust Salisbury advise that she needs to be the only pet in an adult-only home and is happy to be left alone for a few hours once she has settled. Due to her age, Bramble won’t be able to live in flats or upstairs apartments.

Thorn has a great little personality and loves to explore, play with toys and get tasty treats. He enjoys doggie company, however being a more mature gentleman he prefers older, calmer dogs.

Thorn is looking for an adult-only home and could live with another dog providing it was the right match. He is still active, but his little legs struggle with stairs so is looking for a bungalow where he wouldn’t have to contend with stairs. He’s not keen on care travel so a home that does not require regular visits out in a vehicle would be ideal.

Dogs Trust Salisbury has rehomed 60 dogs through the Home from Home scheme this year and almost 240 since the scheme started in 2016.

If you think you are the perfect retirement home for Bramble or Thorn, or would like to enquire about becoming a foster carer, you can email HFHsalisbury@dogstrust.org.uk or call 01980 880891.