Enjoy a picnic as part of National Picnic Week and help animals

This week is National Picnic Week and the RSPCA is encouraging animal lovers to scoff some cakes and raise money for animals in need.

This summer the charity is asking pet owners to make the most of the sunshine and hold a fundraising picnic to help animals with sponsored games alongside the usual sandwiches and cakes.

In 2017, the RSPCA collected and rescued 114, 584 animals and rely on public donations to carry out vital work protecting animals in need. This is why fundraising events, such as the RSPCA’s Great Big Picnic is so important.

Nicky Ifould, RSPCA Head of Events, said: “We need your help now as much as ever as the summer months is typically our busiest time of year, with high numbers of abandoned pets and orphaned baby animals in need.

“Typically June sees our business day for calls to the national call centre and last year, Monday June 19 was the business receiving 7,016 calls in one day. National Picnic Week celebrates the fantastic memories we make when we prepare some sandwiches, bring a spot of cake and lay down picnic blankets in the sunshine.”

The charity have free posters, bunting and invites for all wanting to take part, as well as a fundraising pack, which includes face masks to colour in for children, a RSPCA themes quiz and lots of fun ideas to do on the day.

All the money raised from donations and games can be paid online through the website and will go straight to helping animals in need.

National Picnic Week runs from 15 – 24 June and to hold your own picnic and view the RPCSA materials visit www.rspca.org./bigpicnic