Experts predict an explosion of flea activity this summer

Experts warn of a summer explosion of flea activity in homes following the recent hot weather and thunderstorms.

The British Pest Control Association predict an explosion of flea activity as recent weather conditions are said to create the perfect bedding conditions and are stressing the importance of treating homes and furnishing as well as pets to avoid infestation.

Johnson’s Veterinary Products Ltd are also highlighting the importance of treating home surroundings and pet’s bedding to help deal with infestations.

95% of the flea life cycle takes place in pet’s bedding and home furnishings, such as carpets etc. Many owners do not heed this advice and become desperate for help on how to deal with flea infestations on their pets as well as in their carpets, rugs, furnishings and human bedding.explosion of flea activity

Johnson’s award winning veterinary strength 4fleas range for cats and dogs includes a spot on solution, which help to treat fleas on pets as well as in the home:

  • 4fleas Spot-on solution kills fleas and biting lice on contact, 98-100% of fleas within one day following treatment, and kills flea larvae following contact with a treated pet in areas in and around their bedding etc
  • 4fleas Tablets are very effective and quick acting, starting to kill fleas in 15 minutes and 100% effective within 24 hours. They are also safe for use on puppies and kittens from 4 weeks of age and pregnant and nursing animals.
  • 4fleas Household Flea Sprays and 4fleas Room Foggers contain an I.G.R (Insect Growth Regulator) to kill fleas and prevent hatching eggs developing into adults, giving protection against re-infestation of pets for up to 7 months.

Johnson’s also recommend washing pet bedding regularly at 60 degrees and vigorously vacuum carpets, rugs, floorboards and skirting etc

To help to cope with the extra demand, Johnson’s have extra supplies of all the 4fleas range and have advised retailers and wholesalers to keep stocks high to avoid a shortage over summer.