Firm favourite – Jasper counting down the days until Christmas

Fish4Dogs office dog Jasper is counting down the days to Christmas – as the new face of their advent calendar.

The one-year old Sprocker (cocker x springer) Spaniel gained the honour after topping a social media poll which asked followers to vote for their favourite.

The seasonal shot sees Jasper, owners by Customer Services Advisor Jill Aston, in front of a festive backdrop.

Jill said: “Jasper has been coming into the office since he was a pup so there was always a good chance, he’d worm his way into the material somehow. It took plenty of sharing, but being the beautiful boy that he is, Jasper was crowned champion of the advent calendar. The fame and glory don’t seem to have gone to his head yet but there is still time.”

Jasper was pipped against three of his canine colleagues in the poll.

The calendars are beautifully designed and individually film wrapped for freshness. They have an RRP of £7.50 and are available to order now.

The calendars contain:

Squid bites – soft and chewy discs made from over baked squid that are incredibly tasty.

Mackerel Morsels for coat, skin and joints – rich in Omega 3, these salmon and mackerel fish-shaped treats are easily digestible and support healthy, shiny coats and supple joints.

Sea Jerky Squares – made from 10% fish skins, these natural, low calorie crunchy treats help clean teeth and control tartar.

Also being produced for the festive period, is the Fish4Dogs Christmas Cracker which features Jasper alongside canine colleagues Zac, Rodney and Henry.

The cracker is an attractive and affordable gift styled on the popular tradition of a cracker which is pulled apart to reveal a gift (but without the bang to avoid upsetting our four-legged friends).

Inside the cracker is a 75g bag of Fish4Dogs Mackerel Morsels. The crackers have an RRP of £3.00 and are available now for trade orders.

For more information about Fish4Dogs festive products or to apply for an account you can visit