First kitten of the season for Cheshire RSPCA cattery

The RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Cattery in Cheshire is caring for its first kitten of 2020 after five-week old Inkly was rescued by the charity.

The kitten was rescued by an RSPCA inspector on April 6 and is now being fostered by Centre Manager, Lee Stewart.

Lee said: “She is very loving and affectionate kitten and is adapting well in foster care. She was too young to be away from her mum when she first arrived, so I’ve been hand rearing her and feeding her round-the-clock.

“She’s a very inquisitive kitten and loves to play but also loves fuss and is becoming a confident girl in our care, including with my other cats who she loves. She also comes into the cattery when I’m working which means she gets cuddles and play time with the rest of them.

“Typically, May to September is the start of kitten season when cats are most likely to give birth but even as early as April, we start to see kittens being born.”

The RSPCA rescues more cats than any other animal and particularly at this time, the charity sees lots of cats and kittens coming into its care as a result of the cat overpopulation crisis.

Stapeley Grange is currently caring for 29 cats and is expecting even more to come into care in the coming weeks as its rescue teams bring in more animals in need.

For more information on how to adopt from Stapeley Grange Cattery please check Stapeley Grange’s Facebook page